Halloween 2015

This year for Halloween I decided to go for two costumes. The top one I concocted up for my smaller kid’s classes, I feared that the bottom one may scar them for life.

The top one had no particular thought to concept or theme. It was just an eclectic mix of items from the local home centre. The bottom one is something that scares me more than any vampire, zombie or witch could ever do. It’s a crazy person in a creepy mask.

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Halloween 2014!

InstaSize_2014_9 _ 315896

This year there was a lot of interest in my choice of costume, so I’ll try to explain it here.

I was ‘The Vampire Salaryman’. Usually, vampires are considered as the suave, ‘cool dudes’ of the supernatural world. Charismatic, charming and persuasive with the ladies. I decided to turn that on its head.

The Vampire Salaryman, was a salaryman before he became a vampire. In most cases when a person is ‘turned’ it turns their life upside down. Not so in this case. After becoming a vampire, the salaryman tendencies continued on, even though it was detrimental to being a vampire. The salaryman blood was stronger than that of the vampire!

Anyway, we had a great halloween week. The kids had a lot of fun playing our halloween games and of course eating halloween candy!

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Our Christmas card for last year.

This was our Christmas card for last year, I hope all of our students received it! Did you notice who everyone was? I hope it didn’t creep anyone out too much…


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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all (I’m just over a week too late, as always)!

I wish you all the best for 2014. I hope you have a happy, healthy, prosperous (not preposterous) and fun year!


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Again, a little late…. Halloween!


So, another successful and fun Halloween was had by all! We played a few sweet games, Monster Catch, Monster ‘Shoot ’em Down’ and Spirit Scoop. I think the most popular game was the shooting gallery.

Here are a few of the characters I made for the shooting gallery:



From L to R: My Death Metal Melody, Minging Mouse and Hallow Kitty.

I’m thinking that next year we might have to have a Halloween party for the adult students…start thinking of a costume!


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Better late than never, a post about the ensoku.

At Freedom English we go on a school excursion once a year. This year we went on the 24th of July, a month ago today, hence the title of this post.

We all had a lot of fun in Mitsue Village. Firstly, we learnt how to make konyaku. The lesson was taught by some lovely local ladies in the beautiful old elementary school building. I loved the beautiful polished floors of the long, seemingly never-ending hallway. The kids loved it too. It was a good place to find the fastest sprinters among them, and also to skid around in their socks.

After a bento lunch we moved onto the park for a bit of dip in the river and a slide down the slide. A good time was had by all, kids and adults alike!

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Long time, no post.

Sorry about the sporadic postings! Things keep coming up, delaying my chance to post something.

Rainy season is finally upon us. It seems to be later this year than usual. In the name of tsuyu (please correct me if that Japanese is wrong), I’ve decided to post a few ‘rain’ themed idioms…

Right as rain.

Perfectly fine, alright.

I’m not feeling the best after last night’s party, but after drinking a lot of water, eating a few bananas and going for a bit of a walk, I’ll be right as rain. 

That really is a pretty good ‘hangover cure’. It does require a lot of effort though.

Rain on someone’s parade.

To spoil something for someone.

I hate to rain on your parade, but trying to ‘cure’ a hangover is impossible.

When it rains, it pours.

When something bad happens, it’s really bad.

I broke my leg skiing last season. Then, because my leg was in a cast, I tripped going up the stairs. I smashed my face into the concrete, horribly disfiguring it. My girlfriend could no longer stand to look at me, so she left. I got so depressed I stopped going to work and was fired. When it rains it pours.

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