The heat of summer has finally arrived!

Anyone who has had me as a teacher will know how much I love summer and absolutely deplore winter!

I’ve been loving the weather recently, nice and hot during the day and just warm enough at night.

Here are a couple of idioms with the sun in mind…

A place in the sun…

If you have found a place in the sun, you’ve found yourself in a situation which suits you perfectly.

“My new job is so satisfying and it pays really well. I’ve finally found my place in the sun!”

If I were to make a true sentence about myself, it would probably go something like this “I’m about to take a nap on this beautiful summer day, I’ve found my place in the sun!” 

There really aren’t many things better than an afternoon nap on a summer’s day.

To think the sun shines out of someone’s backside…

This is one you should be very cautious about using. It can be pretty insulting and rude. It means that someone loves someone so much that they think that person is absolutely perfect.

“He’s sooo wrapped up in his new girlfriend he thinks the sun shines out of her backside!”

Backside can be substituted with other words, but please look them up in your dictionary….

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The Start of the New Year.


Just a pic I took in Tinopai, Northland, NZ.

So, today is the start of the new school year. Thanks to all who are continuing and a big “HELLO!” and “THANKS!” to those new students who have recently joined.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be a good one. There just a few changes that we’ve made around the school, all of them for the better! A few of you will have a change in teacher and some things in the kids lessons have been changed. 

We’re looking forward to this year and the improvements we’ve made.

See you soon,


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A couple of idioms.


To go off the deep end: To get very angry and then to do something before thinking it through.

My Dad went off the deep end and threw the toasted sandwich maker into the rubbish. Just because he couldn’t clean it! (A classic story that one, ask me about it sometime.)

“Look! Dad’s going off the deep end again.”


“He can’t get the lawnmower started…There it goes into the hedge…”  (A classic story that one, ask me about it sometime.)

Still, I shouldn’t laugh at my father. I’ve been known to lose it (go off the deep end) at inanimate objects. Especially can openers…

To cut short: to make shorter.

The English teacher was raving on with stories about his Dad, eventually he noticed the students were nodding off, so he decided to cut his stories short.

This post is rather long so I’m going to have to c

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My brother’s artwork.


As some of you know, my brother is an established, well known artist back home in New Zealand. He recently has been gaining attention overseas too. I thought today that I’d share his website with you, his work is truly amazing and beautiful. Take a gander!

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“-ing” vs “-ed” adjectives.


A frightening spider that lived on my deck for the summer.

Throughout my years of teaching I’ve found that using “-ing” adjectives and “-ed” adjectives can be quite difficult for students of all levels. So, I’ll briefly explain it here.

“-ing” adjectives:

“-ing” adjectives are used to describe a person, object or situation.

eg: “He’s a very frightening man!”    “His theories are strange, but interesting.”    “That movie was so boring I couldn’t help falling asleep. I even dribbled on my shirt!” (That one’s a true story.)

“-ed” adjectives:

“-ed” adjectives are used to describe feelings.

eg: “I was so bored by that movie I feel asleep.”    “I felt exhausted just watching the Olympics.”    “I get so excited and nervous when I see her that I always make a fool of myself.” (A huge problem for me right through High School.)

There are a few words that are different. For example “scared” and “scary”.

eg: “I am scared of spiders”    “Spiders are scary.” (NOT “Spiders are scaring.”)

Maybe you could practice by writing sentences about yourself using these words.

frighten, tire, interest, excite, bore, surprise, exhaust and terrify.

I hope that clears things up a bit. Remember, next time you talk about something that you didn’t find interesting, don’t say “I was boring.”, say “I was bored.”. There’s a big difference.

P.S. About the spider. At first I broke the spider’s web everyday, hoping that it would go away. But I found that I could break it’s web, but I couldn’t break it’s determination and spirit. It would be back bigger and stronger every morning. I grew to respect and quite like it, so I was rather disappointed and frankly hurt when I woke up one morning to find it had moved on. 

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My first post!

Welcome to the Freedom English blog! I’m going to use this blog to give you English tips and grammar points twice a month. Also, I’ll update it with news from Freedom English and our staff and teachers and also maybe the occasional photo. Please check it every so often… 

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